The Food

The Food Doula bundle menu’s cover a wide range dietary requirements and preferences.

Choose from small or large meat bundle, vegetarian bundle or a vegan bundle. Alternatively opt for a gift voucher!

Each dish, made in small batches, is nutritionally balanced, using high quality vegetables from local markets and 100% Grass fed and Free range meats. 

The dishes will change or be amended in harmony with the UK seasons and whats available. 

Each dish in the bundle is for two people, and comes with suggested sides to make it even heartier. Some may even leave you left overs for another meal or to feed any other children you may have!

The dishes have a variety of origins. I love food from all over the globe and if i’ve even Italian food one day, I yearn for something with Asian flavours the next. The bundles reflect this desire for edible diversity! We are passionate about preparing wholesome, delicious food for you that gives you a big food hug, during transitions and times of change!

Dishes are made in a kitchen that uses nuts. If highly allergic (to nuts or another ingredient) I’d suggest you buy food from a source where contamination is out of the question. Thanks for understanding.